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When is the best time to workout?

When is the best time to work out? Some would say morning, some would say evening. The real answer is when ever you will do it! There is always a new study coming out about the best time to work out. They all show something different. If someone says morning is the best time to workout, but you like to workout in the afternoon or evening, are you going to let that deter you from working out or doing some sort of activity? It shouldn’t! Listen to your body and work with it!

The best time is when you can make it a part of your day. I, for one, just can not will myself to workout early in the morning. I have tried so hard to get up a little earlier to get a workout in, but my body just resists. Who can relate? I can count on one hand the amount of times I have gotten up before the sun to workout. Mid-morning and anything later, and into the evening is my jam. I work with people who get up and workout at 5:30am. They like to get it done first thing in the morning to get their day going. I also work with clients whose prime time is mid day. By then their day is halfway through and they like the afternoon pick me up.

What is your prime time?

How do you know what time of day works best for you?

  • Work out at different times of day to see how you feel. You may be surprised and find a time to workout that you didn’t think you would like. Did you sign up with your trainer to workout before work, but you find it hard to get up, or you are tired and get injured because you are letting your form slip? Try an afternoon or evening session with them and see how those feel. Your trainer wants you to enjoy the workout and get something out of it, so there is nothing wrong with changing it up to find what works best.

  • Try different workouts. Did you sign up for a class with a friend, but went and hated it? Did you sign up for a package while you were there because you didn’t want to say no? So, now you hated the workout. You are out the money, and you are avoiding your friend because you don’t want to tell them you don’t want to go the class. Did this turn you off from working out and now you don’t want to do anything? Just because you didn’t like that class, doesn’t mean you won’t like something else! Don’t give up! Try a different class, time, or maybe a different instructor. What is right for your friend is not always right for you. Sure it is always fun to do something with friends, but if you hate it, why are you doing it?

Now it is time for you to go out and find the best time to workout for you! Try new things and find something you like! When you like something, it will not feel like a chore and you are more likely to stick with it. Make activity a part of your day, everyday, and remember to have fun and stay consistent!

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