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How to Turn Actions Into Motivation

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Let’s talk motivation. Everyone wants it, but not everyone has it. You ask yourself… How do I get it? Where do I find it? How can I get more?

Want the secret sauce to find that motivation? Would you believe me if I told you I had it? Well, I do and I will tell you how!

It all starts with actions. I hear people often say that their doctor told them to work out, but they don’t really know why, or how to get started. They don’t really want to, but they do it begrudgingly, they take that action.

1. Action The first thing you need to do is just take an action! Take one step, walk once around the block, take 5 minutes to meditate. It doesn’t matter what that one step is, just take it. Take that action everyday. While you are taking that action, think about how you feel. How did you feel taking that action the day before? Continue taking that same action, every day, at the same time, if possible. You will take so many actions that It will then turn into a habit.

2. Habits How do you know when you have a habit? When you feel like something is missing when you don’t do it. Say, for example, you start walking during your lunch time. You notice you have a burst of energy in the afternoon, instead of a slump where you are looking for a quick pick me up. One day you have a lunch meeting and were not able to walk. You feel like something is missing, like your day is not complete, you have that afternoon slump and you don’t know why. You get home and take a walk. You feel so much better after that, you have that burst of energy, and your day feels complete. That is because you just fed your habit! Your body was craving that action, that movement! That is when you know you have a habit and this is when your habit turns into motivation.

3. Motivation So now you have found your motivation! See, the motivation came last, and you found it when you didn’t even know you did! This is how one small action can turn into motivation. Your motivation is to continue to feel good, to sleep better, make healthier choices and starting with one little action will get you to your final goal and you will continue that habit!

-Start small: Every action counts.

-Be patient: You will not find that motivation right away. It will most likely come when you least expect.

-How do you feel when you are not performing that action?: When you notice a change in the way you feel when you don’t perform that action, you have made it a habit.

Actions -> Habits -> Motivation

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